Country Weekly

Jan. 9, 2013

Dear Country Weekly Forum Members,

In December of 2012 we had some technical problems with our software that rendered the forums inoperable. That is a busy time of year for our team and we were unable to respond to the problem until after the holidays. We apologize for our delayed response.

We have used this site malfunction as an opportunity to assess the viability of the forums and our ability to properly support and maintain the forums going forward. After some discussion and analysis we have decided to take down the forums. At this time we are choosing to focus our efforts on our main website.

The forums have been an important part of the Country Weekly community for many years. We thank you all for participating in our little corner of the internet. You stayed with us through a lot—SPAM attacks, software problems and occasional inter-member squabbles (that’s putting it mildly!)—to make our forums a fun and interesting place to be.


We hope that you will continue to be engaged in conversations with us and other readers on our site as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Jason Simanek
Country Weekly Web Producer